This book details Bob Lichtenbert’s making meaning (defined as “positive impact”) throughout his entire life. It is his personal autobiography, but it is also mostly his intellectual autobiography about how he arrived at and developed the idea of making meaning. This is the greatest idea. Yet, it is the only undeveloped one until Bob’s books.


making meaning by bob Lichtenbert

Bob Lichtenbert has recently published seven books on making meaning. He also published 62 issues of his quarterly journal, “The Meaning of Life.” Each issue has four sections. This journal was featured in 35 newspapers and several major TV and radio programs. It went viral, attaining 3,400 subscriptions.

Bob authored fourteen essays on the meaning of life and the philosophy of life in the journal “Contemporary Philosophy.” This journal was delivered to every college in the U. S.

He has taught philosophy for forty years at many colleges in five states.

Bob was born and raised in Chicago. He accepted a scholarship to De Paul University where he graduated with high honors in 1968. He earned his M. A. and Ph. D. degrees on a full fellowship from Tulane University in New Orleans.

There he met his super-sweet and pretty wife, but she is now deceased. He has two children.

Dr. Lichtenbert now resides in a classic bungalow in Chicago. His hobbies include gardening and reading.


bob Lichtenbert

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